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All donations for the celebration of Life planned for the end of summer
can be donated through the button below:

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Dr. Evermor's limited edition, intergalactic "Time Traveler Token" has ARRIVED!!!

Now is your chance to own a little piece of Dr. Evermor's incredible imagination in a palm sized, 2 1/2" inch, work of art! On one side of the token is his famous "Forevertron," one of the world's largest scrap metal sculptures in existence today. On the other side, you will see his "Intergalactic Space Ship." Each coin has a positive spiritual message that Doc. would like to share...

"Intergalactic - You - All - Safe - Here - Hold - Hands - Head - Heart - Hope - Happy - Healing - Forevermor"

Power on!

Dr. Evermor


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